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Smart Media produces original, thought-provoking productions that include feature films, documentaries, web-series, as well as interactive training and videos. Our productions stand out because we believe that, in our world of information overload, unique concepts and intelligent ideas are more necessary than ever and are essential to finding an audience.

Our creativity can be applied to the corporate sector as well as the IT space. We pride ourselves in developing creative ways to engage audiences by transforming complex, innovative ideas into entertaining, informative communications and programming.

Smart Media - Looking at a production in progress through a window

Video Production

Video productions include web-series, feature films, documentaries, commercials and industrials. This includes original content for TV and streaming platforms as well as online distribution and corporate audiences.

Corporate Training

Corporate videos for marketing and informational purposes that combine entertaining, creative visualization of complex, technical business concepts, services, and solutions.

Instructional Design

Course training, eLearning, distanced learning, and interactive testing and training development for large and small organizations to facilitate change management, new software training, or corporate communications and messaging.


Our partner company, New Classics Books, distributes print, audiobook, and eBook content with a particular focus on children’s content.