eJunky is a genre-bending sci-fi noir graphic novel set in a dystopian future where society has been reshaped by technology. Written by Nicholas Tana and illustrated by Kyle Faehnrich, eJunky is published by Scout Comics.

In the year 2055, technology has transformed the human experience, using Nerve Reading Devices (N.R.D.s) to share dreams and Emo-Regs to filter and regulate emotions, leading pain and suffering to become commodities in a world that has made them virtually illegal. But a growing group of addicts, called eJunkies, continue to seek every kind of human experience by using drugs containing other people’s memories, including painful ones, in the form of an alternative drug (ALT) known as Torch. When Hector Holmes, a disgraced investigator and eJunky, nearly overdoses on Torch, his previous partner from the Alternative Reality Investigation Squad (A.R.I.S.) requests his help to stop The Guardians of Pain—a terrorist group distributing Torch to "wake" people to a painful and buried past in an effort to start a revolution. Hector enlists Astra, a dream celebrity whose television channel is hacked by the Guardians to promote their revolutionary message. Astra’s celebrity status gives Hector access to every level of society, helping him get close to the cult group’s leader, a mysterious figure known as X. With Astra’s help, Hector scours the city and his own mind in pursuit of the Guardians, hoping to find some clues in the memory experiences they sell on the black market. But dosing these experiences comes with a price, and after several doses of Torch Hector’s reality blurs, pulling people from his life into his Torch-induced visions. As Hector’s mind unravels, he must confront a forgotten and painful past to stop a horrific future.

Nicholas Tana


Nicholas Tana is a writer, director, producer, and musician. He is the creator of the graphic novel Hell’s Kitty, which spawned a web series, a feature film, and an award-winning musical at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Tana has also written a dark prequel to Snow White for Disney Publishing and his supernatural time travel tale, “Forgotten Shadows”, recently appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of The Horror Zine. Tana runs his own production company, Smart Media, for which he has written and directed numerous projects. When he’s not working, he loves reading, swimming, riding his electric bike, and watching movies.

Kyle Faehnrich


Kyle Faehnrich is a comic artist/illustrator and founder of Goons & Goblins Art. He draws from a variety of influences, the main inspirations for his style come from horror comics and traditional tattoos. Farhnrich is creatively motivated by a fascination with the dark and the unknown. Kyle graduated with a BA in Illustration from Columbia College Chicago in 2019, but he’s been making comics all his life. eJunky will be Kyle’s first illustration of a full-length graphic novel. He has been self-publishing horror mini-comics and zines under the name Goons & Goblins since 2018. He currently works at Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie, Illinois. When not working or hunching over his tablet, Kyle can be found drumming, watching horror movies, playing video games, or out enjoying nature.

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